About Us

About NecPPI

The National Employment Council for the Printing, Packaging & Newspaper Industry (NEC PPNI) is a statutory body established in terms of Section 57 of the Labour Act [chapter 28:01]. The NEC PPNI comprises a registered employers’ organization namely the Federation of Master Printers of Zimbabwe which advances employers’ rights and interests and the Zimbabwe Graphical Workers Union, a registered trade union which advances the rights and interests of the employees in the Printing, Packaging & Newspaper Industry.

Our Vision

To be a leading, unique, efficient, professional, self-sustaining, and supportive employment council for the printing, packaging, and newspaper industry

Our Mission

To promote fair labour practices and enhance productivity through prompt settlement of disputes, development of relevant manpower skills and encouraging innovation.

Why Choose Us?

The National Employment Council (NEC) for Printing Packaging & Newspaper Industry seeks to provide an environment in which employers and employees will maintain to the best of their ability safe and healthy working conditions for all at the work place. In support of the realization that safety is a very important part of the processes of good management and working relationships, N.E.C Printing insists that safe practices must be part of all production operations and support services. For jobs to be carried out efficiently employees are required to follow all workstation precautions and safety rules necessary to protect equipment, oneself, fellow workers and other persons.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Prevailing Minimum salaries are found in the Wage Notice for that particular period stating the grade, previous salaries, the awarded increase in dollars, and the current salaries. (See Wage Notices) Conditions of service are set in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, See Statutory Instrument 174 of 2012

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